About Apex Security & Investigation

APEX SECURITY & INVESTIGATION PTE LTD was incorporated on 2 October 1998. We are licensed to operate as a Private Investigation Agency and Security Guard Agency by the Security Industry Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force since our inception. We are located at 462 Crawford Lane #01-27, Singapore 190462.

Our Mission

Evident from our name ‘APEX’, our mission is to be the leading company in the security industry through the formation of trustworthy and long-standing collaborations with our clients to deliver outstanding service in protective security matters. We strive to enable our clients, both government and commercial, to focus on their primary objectives through service deliverables. We are governed by the highest values of integrity and loyalty in carrying out our mission.


Apex Security & Investigation Pte Ltd offers in its strategic Management, diverse but complementary experience gleaned from Singapore’s foremost law enforcement and security agency.

Our Management

Mr. Thomas Chi, Managing Director

Thomas Chi is a retired Inspector of Police from the Singapore Police Force. His 30 years of extensive investigation experience extends to the solution of numerous high profile and complex criminal, commercial and maritime crime cases. He was also instrumental in clamping down on secret society activities whilst attached to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Singapore Police Force. Thomas Chi was also a trained police prosecutor who is familiar with the criminal litigation process. Prior to his retirement, he was the Chief Investigation Officer with the Police Coast Guard before he retired in April 1996. He was awarded numerous Commendations in his 30 year span career.

Tan See Pang, Director

Tan See Pang (or SP Tan) is retired Inspector of Police from the Singapore Police Force. SP Tan has extensive experience after having served more than 25 years in the Force. His experience was in the planning, overseeing and execution of close personal protection for the Cabinet Ministers and the President of Singapore. After having served 25 years in the Force, he joined Five Star Security Pte Ltd as an Operations Director upon his retirement. He was tasked to oversee the operational aspects of security services of the company. In early 1998, he left Fivestar Security Pte Ltd to join Apex Security Investigation Pte Ltd as a Director and is currently taking charge of staff payroll.

Leong Kong Hong, Director

Leong Hong Kong is retired Assistant Superintendent of Police from the Singapore Police Force. He retired in in November 2001 after having served 34 years in service. His experience includes managing security operations and criminal investigations. As a criminal investigation officer, he was attached to the then Special Investigation Section of the Criminal Investigation Department (now known as the Major Crimes Division) handling major crimes and homicide cases. Apart from criminal investigation, as Head Patrol with the Police Coast Guard, Leong Hong Kong had also gleaned extensive experience in tactical protective security in land and coastal security. He is also a qualified trainer with the Police Academy (now Home Team Academy) where he was involved in the training of Senior Police Officers in areas of law, police powers and operational rules of engagement.


The Company plans to increase its current base of highly trained security personnel from 85 to 120 within the next five years. We advocate a slow and gradual expansion as our priority and focus are on providing well-trained and equipped security personnel for our clients.




In the Security Agency Grading Award 2017, our Agency is awarded a grade ‘B’, denoting good organisational efficiency for our Agency by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force.


We are members of the Association of Certified Security Agencies & Union of Security Employees ‘USE’.

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